MONDAYS -- 4:30-6:30 CLOSED

Learn the basics of throwing on the wheel in this popular medium, where you will create your own ceramic pieces and fire them in our kiln.  First day of class 9/9/19.

Instructor: Heidi Somsen. Materials included, though an initial fee of $40 applies. This fee covers materials and firing. Each additional bag of clay will be $10 each.

Price: $335.00

Stained Glass

MONDAYS -- 4:30-6:30

This class is intended to familiarize beginning students with the techniques and skills required to produce glass projects. Starting with a history of glass art from ancient times to present, students will learn how to cut glass, using copper foil and lead came techniques to assemble glass. No experience required. First day of class 9/9/19.

Instructor: Mike Green. Materials fee of $50.

Price: $345.00



WEDNESDAYS -- 4:00-6:00*

A caricature is a portrait where the proportions are changed to highlight what makes a person different from everyone else (or the average). This 15 week semester will introduce the concept of exaggerating distinctive features of a person and bring more attention to them through the art of CARICATURE. It will start with "caricature fundamentals" which will anchor in the average and relative proportions of head and face, and include an abstract chart of facial rhythms. We will do drills and exercises to quickly assess features that are different than the average, (like Jay Leno's chin) and then practice how to exaggerate them while maintaining a likeness. There will be lots of drawing in this class so a sketch book will be required to record ideas and several different versions of interesting faces. Come have FUN while studying hard to interpret and make intentional changes to a person's likeness!!

Instructor: Shelley Young. Materials not included see materials list.

Price: $299.00 

NOTE: This class has been moved from Tuesdays from 4:30-6:30 to Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00. This change has been made for the accommodation of our students and teachers. If you have questions regarding this, please contact us! Thank you

Relief Printmaking

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 1.23.30 PM.png

This class will introduce and explore techniques and processes of Relief Printing. We will discuss the history and This class will introduce and explore techniques and processes of Relief Printing. We will be creating imagery by carving out images from a linoleum block using different techniques to create line variety, texture, and forms. The class will then learn techniques of inking and printing using a press and through hand-printing.

Throughout the class we will work on creating an Alphabet Book by having each student carve images for specific letters so that at the end of the class we are able to hand-bind a book of the alphabet that will include works by all of the students and instructors! We will also be working on at least one image of choice!

Instructor: Carlissa Shaw. Materials fee of $45. Not all materials included see materials list.

Price: $340.00

Oil painting

chri-tian (1).jpg


 Join us in this fun and social class! We will delve deep into this traditional medium and have a blast painting landscapes, still lifes, and portraits. Beginning and intermediate painters are welcome.

Instructor: Shelley Young. Materials not included see materials list.

Price: $299.00 

Figure Drawing

imagejpeg_0 (1).jpg

SATURDAYS -- 9:30-12:30

Drawing the human form is the benchmark of drawing. This class will focus on the importance of understanding anatomy to decipher what is being drawn. Students will become familiar with anatomical vocabulary and structure. Lessons will give emphasis to different skeletal/muscle groups, but we will not be drawing isolated bones and muscles. Students will be given reference materials each week and should plan to study and practice drawing in their sketchbooks throughout the semester. Students will work primarily in charcoal and NuPastel, please refer to the supply list for exact materials. An additional model fee of $36 applies. This class is open to both teens and adults. 

Instructors: Bruce Robertson and Shelley Young. 12 WEEKS ONLY. Materials not included see materials list.

Price: $335.00