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TUESDAYS -- 4:30 - 6:30 -- $299

​​This is an amazing opportunity to learn the tools of digital creativity. This is an individual paced course.  All of the tutorials, practice tests, and the final certification tests will be provided.  We will start with Photoshop and then move to Illustrator and work our way through the Adobe Suite. Certification certificates will be signed by the president of Adobe. Certification is a great resume asset. We will run this course throughout the year to make sure you can work your way through the suite. There are limited slots available. Open to adults and teens.

Instructor: Addie Vawdrey. Materials Included.

MONDAYS -- 4:30-6:30 -- $299

This class is intended to familiarize beginning students with the techniques and skills required to produce glass projects.  Starting with a history of glass art from ancient times to present, students will learn how to cut glass, using copper foil and lead came techniques to assemble glass. 

Instructor: Mike Green. Materials included.

WEDNESDAYS -- 4:30 - 6:30 -- $299
In this class students will explore the fundamentals of painted illustration while we learn to discern and employ artistic elements. We will then explore storytelling through images and examine/deconstruct the artwork that is most resonant and interesting to us. Course-work will cover the techniques and impact of many illustrative qualities, including: line, shape, rhythm, lettering, composition, pattern, color, form, subject, style and symbols.

Instructor: David Costa. Materials not included. See supply list.


THURSDAYS -- 4:30 - 6:30 -- $299

Come and discover the FUN, spontaneous medium of watercolors! Students will be introduced to different application techniques such as: wet-on-wet washes, drop-in color, gradients, and textures, while learning the properties of paint-to-water ratio. We will also discuss how to achieve different painterly effects with various brushes, liquid misquit, and multiple layers of transparent color called glazing. Students will practice how to make different edges, and create different moods, while also just letting the paint do "its thing". Paint-a-long demonstrations will show each step in bringing a piece up to finish.  Timing is involved in mastering watercolors and as the semester progresses, students will be able to pick their own reference and subject matter to paint, once they are proficient in their basic skillsets of handling the medium. We will paint abstracts to learn color compliments and harmonies, landscapes to learn depth perception and atmospheric perspective, still lifes to learn value organization, and finally we will attempt portrait or figures in watercolors!

Instructor: Shelley Young. Materials not included. See supply list.

Fall 2018 for Teens



SATURDAYS -- 9:30 -12:30 -- $335

The human form is the most expressive subject. Learning to draw is learning to see, understand, and imagine. Ultimately the artist uses expression to reveal ideas and observations to their audience. This semester we will explore the expressive nature of the figure through gesture, exaggeration, color, and a variety of materials, including: ink, charcoal, graphite, pastel, coffee, and acrylic paint. 

Instructor: Shelley Young and Bruce Robertson. 12 weeks only. Materials not included. See supply list.






​For teens 12-18