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"Through this school I have been able to push my limits and realize there is a lot to learn in the world of art and much more to appreciate than what is placed in front of me."





  • Kids' Classes (ages 5 - 11)

  • Teen Classes (ages 12 - 18)

  • Small Classroom Environment

  • College Portfolio Development

  • Adult Classes

  • Workshops

  • Life Drawing Open Studio (Tuesdays 12:30-3:30)


Each student is unique and that’s why we are dedicated to mentoring every child as they explore the arts at VAI. Our kids' classes are geared toward both first-time artists and young students who have a passion for drawing and painting. Our teen classes offer a wide-range of special courses each term, as well as foundational drawing and painting classes.  Dedicated teens have the opportunity to participate in our annual Figure Academy, held each summer, and can seek valuable portfolio develop and college guidance from our Executive Director, Bruce Robertson.


We are expanding our course offerings and now have classes in drawing and painting for adults.  As with our younger students, we take a traditional approach to teaching the arts and encourage each student to discover their own creative voice.   

- Andrea Paustenbaugh
     Class of 2002